Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hair Loss Resources

Hair loss is a problem that affects men and women alike. Apart from mental tension it induces a feeling of consciousness in the individual. To what extent this feeling is justified is however a matter of debate. People who are facing the problem might rely on a wide variety of resources to tackle the situation.

Many medical publications are available online that may help patients to understand the problem and search for remedy and precaution simultaneously. Many medical institutes posts their medical publications, some have patients guide to hair restoration etc. These resources are available in laymans language and help explain what causes baldness, how it is diagnosed and the best medical and surgical options available. If a patient has any query regarding hair loss, baldness, thinning of hair or other hair problems, these resources come in handy. Patients only need to confirm whether these web sites have recognized physicians so that best possible guidance is provided.

Some of these sites are,,,,,
and our page at

Many of these sites help the patient to search for a doctor and some even have the facility to directly consult a doctor. If you want to go through hair transplant, you positive need not visit a doctor personally to understand the procedure. Then we have web sites such as, which are turning out to be the best resources for of hair loss patients. These sites provide you enough understanding regarding the procedure. These sites also give you an opportunity to search and interact with hair transplant doctors. Some of these sites help you to search for hair transplant doctors throughout the world and gather knowledge about them. You might satisfy your doubts by knowing the profile of the doctor before interacting directly. You may also go through the questions that other people have posed. This helps you in shedding doubts and fear.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hair plays a significant role in our life. Another person's hair is one of the first characteristics we notice upon meeting. Our own hair is one of the first and last things we attend to before a meeting or a social engagement. Hair disorder, especially when severe, often profoundly affects the lives of those afflicted. Severe hair loss evokes not only cosmetic concerns but may also evoke feelings of vulnerability (nakedness), loss of self-esteem, alterations in self-image, and, perhaps, even self-identity.

In created in 2001 to provide readers with reports, diagrams, images and resource links covering:

The true causes of hair loss in men, women and children,
Proven hair loss treatment methods
Links to articles, news and reports by unbiased sources
Precautions to take when considering hair loss treatment products
Directory of hair loss doctors nearest you.

To find out more information about hair loss resources, kindly visit any hair loss center that nearby you.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Hair loss is terrible

I get a lot of hair loss resources from internet, yu nam hair care and others. I want to know why my hair can loss. Very ugly if someone dont have much hair. EVerybody will laugh at you. So, i want to learn more how to take care of my hair for not dropping down.