Friday, March 16, 2007

Getting the right shampoo for your hair

Just a year ago I feel my hair is dropping every day whenever I combed my hair I can see my hair stick to my comb or drop onto the basin. I brought some magazine about hair loss resourse to read, even see some hair specialist or get imformation from cosmetic counters. Some cosmetic counter recommend me to buy hair tonic and hair cream but I find the results was not so goods as my hair still keep dropping but not so much when I was not using the hair tonic. Some said my hair drops due to stress, late night sleep and taking too much oily and fried foods

Lately I meet a friend who experience the same case as mine. He told me his hair drop until he was going to be bald. Seening many hair loss resources company without any improvement also going through internet for more imformation. Last someone ask him to change the shampoo that he is using now. Changeing to lighter and better brands and the typesyour hair needed. After changeing, his hair started to grow.

How a month ago that I have already change my hair shampoo with the advice of my friends I have notice my hair does not drop so much compare to last time and even I feel some parts of my head started to grows hair. Not all shampoo are fixed for everybody.