Thursday, December 20, 2007

The causes of hair loss

The causes of hair loss are due to many factors, The living enviroment and air pollution from vehicles fumes and the used of wrong Hair sampoo. Others things are foods that we eats daily like foods that has toxins such as colouring foods which has excess estrogen and a cause to our hair loss. Hair sampoo also plays alots of parts in hair loss. Avoid buying unbranded hair sampoo. Change your hair sampoo if you notice it is one of the cause of your hair loss.

Age also plays a parts in our hair loss so avoids food with toxin and take more organic foods. As ours body needs nutritions try to take some supplements for our bodys needs. take more vegetable and fruits. Get rids of the existing DHT that stays on our scalps as DHT can cause hair loss. Avoid combing your hair when it is still wet as wet hair is heavy. Dry your hair first before you comb it.