Thursday, March 27, 2008

The cause of hair loss

The cause of hair loss can comes in many sign and symptoms. The most common cause of hair loss is aging as our body is deficient in iron or zinc. Using the wrong kinds of hair shampoo can be parts of hair loss. Change to a mild shampoo this might help you to reduce hair loss. Some people used other kinds of hair loss resources to help the hair grows back while some prefer to see hair specialist doctor.

People who undergo chemotherapy will see hair loss during treatment but is only a temporary basis and your hair will grows back once the treatment is stop. Patients who suffered from thyroid disease will see their hair loss due to the body crisis as our hair cell will shut down which direct energy to other parts of the body. Women when after childbirth will experience hair loss due to hormone changes. People who is in a stressful position can experience hair loss due to lack of sleep or other causes. It is best to consult your medical doctor as your doctor can guild you to regain your hair loss and also recommend you the right hair loss resources.