Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hair loss are due to many factors and causes

Hair loss are due to many factors, people who is on long term medication, living environment due to the dirty air pollution, poor health, diets and stress due to heavy works load, worry and lack of sleep. Women would experience hair loss due to hormone changes and after childbirth most women will notice hair drops but this will be a temporary basis and it will stop after a few months. At times using the wrong types of shampoo can be result to slow hair dropping.

Others causes of hair loss are that when body are lack of iron and zinc and this can contributed to hair loss but after taking such supplements most people observed hair stop dropping and some even hair start to grows. Its best consult your doctor before taking this supplements. Washing your hair too many times per days can result to hair loss as our hair get thinner. combing your hair when it is wet may cause your hair to drop but a not very big issue.