Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hair loss due to living enviroments

Most people nowadays are having problem with their hair loss. The main problem to our hair loss are our daily life that we live through. Our living enviroment as most people are staying and moving away from town to more clean and fresh enviroment such as near the seaside area or located near the hills as the present air are polluted with dirty air comes from expecially buses and lorry are one of the cause of hair loss.

Others causes of hair loss are the daily food we eat. Mostly fried and oily items from the road side hawkers or fast food area. With the present economy every hawkers are trying to make fast money to make food very tasteful to eat by adding and cutting cost rather their orgirnal taste. Late night sleep also contributed to hair loss and the wrong types of shampoo and cream that we daily use on our head.

Some people who is very particular with their personlity will go for hair loss resources shop to have their hair grows back while some would't bother and have it stay where it is. Others will go for hair loss resources such as hair tonic and hair restore medicine.