Monday, July 02, 2007

Hair sampoo have to be changedue to age

This year I had some problems with my hair, its start to drops every time I wash my hair or comb my hair. Even the centre parts of my head is going balds. Alots of people from cosmatic depts recommand me hair tonic to let my hairs grows back but the result was not very good. So I decided to change my regular sampoo to a milder one and this doesn't work very good but at less my hair doesn't drops very much.

At last, one of my friend recommend to a hair loss resourcer saloon to had my hair done. It cost me a about a thousand dollars and every month I had to go to the saloon to have my hair treated with hair medicine and tonic. The result was quite good as I notice my hair are start growing back. The cause of my hair loss are due to my ages, the sampoo I used, the food I eat beause I like fried and oily items and lastly the place I stay.



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