Monday, November 20, 2006

Hair plays a significant role in our life. Another person's hair is one of the first characteristics we notice upon meeting. Our own hair is one of the first and last things we attend to before a meeting or a social engagement. Hair disorder, especially when severe, often profoundly affects the lives of those afflicted. Severe hair loss evokes not only cosmetic concerns but may also evoke feelings of vulnerability (nakedness), loss of self-esteem, alterations in self-image, and, perhaps, even self-identity.

In created in 2001 to provide readers with reports, diagrams, images and resource links covering:

The true causes of hair loss in men, women and children,
Proven hair loss treatment methods
Links to articles, news and reports by unbiased sources
Precautions to take when considering hair loss treatment products
Directory of hair loss doctors nearest you.

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