Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hair loss are due to many factors and causes

Hair loss are due to many factors, people who is on long term medication, living environment due to the dirty air pollution, poor health, diets and stress due to heavy works load, worry and lack of sleep. Women would experience hair loss due to hormone changes and after childbirth most women will notice hair drops but this will be a temporary basis and it will stop after a few months. At times using the wrong types of shampoo can be result to slow hair dropping.

Others causes of hair loss are that when body are lack of iron and zinc and this can contributed to hair loss but after taking such supplements most people observed hair stop dropping and some even hair start to grows. Its best consult your doctor before taking this supplements. Washing your hair too many times per days can result to hair loss as our hair get thinner. combing your hair when it is wet may cause your hair to drop but a not very big issue.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Internet online to search for hair loss resources

There are many reason due to hair loss and its a problems that affects both men and women. The main common reason of hair loss are aging. Others are work loads due to stress. food thats we take daily, staying in a chemical exposure environment and lastly are hair shampoo that we used daily in washing our hairs. combing your hair when it is wet as combing when it is wet cause the hairs to drops faster. Very regular washing your hair. I had a friends who wash her hairs twice a day and this contributes to hair drops faster.

When you notice that your hair start to drops then you started to look for hair loss resources. Most people will see hair doctors as a resources. some goes for hair transplant while some wear false hair. The most important is to find the cause of hair loss. For myself I experience hair loss due to the wrong shampoo I used. I change it to a lighter hair shampoo and this save my hair from dropping. If you fine the area cause many people to drops hair because of a chemical factory. Then try to move from the area if you can afford.

Today you can go to many internet online to search for hair loss resources outlet as this sites help many people to directly consult a doctor without leaving your house. Sometimes the doctor can recommand you the right medicine to take to made your hair grow.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

The cause of hair loss

The cause of hair loss can comes in many sign and symptoms. The most common cause of hair loss is aging as our body is deficient in iron or zinc. Using the wrong kinds of hair shampoo can be parts of hair loss. Change to a mild shampoo this might help you to reduce hair loss. Some people used other kinds of hair loss resources to help the hair grows back while some prefer to see hair specialist doctor.

People who undergo chemotherapy will see hair loss during treatment but is only a temporary basis and your hair will grows back once the treatment is stop. Patients who suffered from thyroid disease will see their hair loss due to the body crisis as our hair cell will shut down which direct energy to other parts of the body. Women when after childbirth will experience hair loss due to hormone changes. People who is in a stressful position can experience hair loss due to lack of sleep or other causes. It is best to consult your medical doctor as your doctor can guild you to regain your hair loss and also recommend you the right hair loss resources.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

The causes of hair loss

The causes of hair loss are due to many factors, The living enviroment and air pollution from vehicles fumes and the used of wrong Hair sampoo. Others things are foods that we eats daily like foods that has toxins such as colouring foods which has excess estrogen and a cause to our hair loss. Hair sampoo also plays alots of parts in hair loss. Avoid buying unbranded hair sampoo. Change your hair sampoo if you notice it is one of the cause of your hair loss.

Age also plays a parts in our hair loss so avoids food with toxin and take more organic foods. As ours body needs nutritions try to take some supplements for our bodys needs. take more vegetable and fruits. Get rids of the existing DHT that stays on our scalps as DHT can cause hair loss. Avoid combing your hair when it is still wet as wet hair is heavy. Dry your hair first before you comb it.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Enviroment and chemicals in our food cause hairloss

Everybody suffered hair loss in their life time. Some are cause of aging and some hairloss are cost by disease such as cancer and other disease but the main cause of hairloss is cause by the over production of death hormone"DHT". DHT is actually cause by what most hair specialist called estrogen dominance and is not cause by excess testosterone. Estrogen is cause through our body by pollution of the enviroment that we are living and the food that we are eating that is process by chemicals in our food.

Some hairloss are cause by sampoo or hair cream that we are using daily as to much hair cream will block our hair holes and prevented our hair to grow at it pace. Some sampoo are too strong for your hair, change it to suit to your hair and preventing it from dropping. Dry your hair before combing cause wet hair has weight and cause your hair to drop. Washing your hair many times will cause your hair to grow thin and make it easily to drop.

To prevent your hair from dropping is to eat more organic food avoid more heated and oily foos. Takes more fruits and vegetable. Live in an clean enviroment that has plenty of fresh air or in countryside so you can excape from pollution. Knowing some of the problem will help you solve your hairloss.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Facing hair loss problem

There are many factors that cause hair loss. Hair loss is a problem that affects both men and women. Most hair loss are cause due to old age mostly when we reach the age of forty, stress in work place, daily food that we take especially the oily and heated foods, medications as some drugs and medicine can cause hair loss, hair shampoo that we used and majoy surgery or long illness but regarding about surgery the hair will grows back after six and above.

There are many ways that can helps you from lossing yours hairs. Change your hair shampoo if you think it is not suitable to you, avoid combing your hair when it is very wet, Avoid washing your hair every day as daily washing will tinner your hair, take more vegetable and fruits and avoid heated and oily foods.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Hair sampoo have to be changedue to age

This year I had some problems with my hair, its start to drops every time I wash my hair or comb my hair. Even the centre parts of my head is going balds. Alots of people from cosmatic depts recommand me hair tonic to let my hairs grows back but the result was not very good. So I decided to change my regular sampoo to a milder one and this doesn't work very good but at less my hair doesn't drops very much.

At last, one of my friend recommend to a hair loss resourcer saloon to had my hair done. It cost me a about a thousand dollars and every month I had to go to the saloon to have my hair treated with hair medicine and tonic. The result was quite good as I notice my hair are start growing back. The cause of my hair loss are due to my ages, the sampoo I used, the food I eat beause I like fried and oily items and lastly the place I stay.