Monday, October 08, 2007

Enviroment and chemicals in our food cause hairloss

Everybody suffered hair loss in their life time. Some are cause of aging and some hairloss are cost by disease such as cancer and other disease but the main cause of hairloss is cause by the over production of death hormone"DHT". DHT is actually cause by what most hair specialist called estrogen dominance and is not cause by excess testosterone. Estrogen is cause through our body by pollution of the enviroment that we are living and the food that we are eating that is process by chemicals in our food.

Some hairloss are cause by sampoo or hair cream that we are using daily as to much hair cream will block our hair holes and prevented our hair to grow at it pace. Some sampoo are too strong for your hair, change it to suit to your hair and preventing it from dropping. Dry your hair before combing cause wet hair has weight and cause your hair to drop. Washing your hair many times will cause your hair to grow thin and make it easily to drop.

To prevent your hair from dropping is to eat more organic food avoid more heated and oily foos. Takes more fruits and vegetable. Live in an clean enviroment that has plenty of fresh air or in countryside so you can excape from pollution. Knowing some of the problem will help you solve your hairloss.



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