Sunday, December 17, 2006

From internet, I've survey a lot about hair loss resources. I need to know what is happening to my hair. Day by day, it seems drop a lot. I need to find out the best way to cure my hair.

Hair follicles develop in the skin of fetuses early in their developmental phase. From that time on, i.e., throughout one's entire life, these follicles undergo many cycles of degeneration and regrowth. During the neonatal period and throughout adolescence, scalp hairs progressively thicken because their follicles gradually enlarge with each new cycle. Body hairs, however, remain short. This suggests that their cyclic changes do not lead to enlargement of new follicles. The biologic effects of androgens cause postpubertal thickening of axillary, pubic, and facial hairs in men and cause hirsutism in women.

High rates of testosterone uptake and metabolism occur in scalp-hair follicles of men and women. Scalp hair is androgen independent. In hair follicles from scalps that have balding traits, the androgen hormone causes metamorphosis of terminal hair to vellus hair by shortening the cell cycle that leads to premature senescence of the follicles. It also exhausts further mitotic activity of the matrix cells. The pathogenesis (and androgenetic alopecia) is probably the same in men and women.


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